Woman Finds A Strange Little Animal Sleeping In Her Kitchen

Nobody likes intruders in their homes. But for this London-based family, their home-intrusion turned into a rare, memorable experience when a beautiful, velvety, wild fox paid an unexpected visit.

Kim Fryer and her daughter were coming downstairs for breakfast when they were shocked to notice the disheveled state of their kitchen. The worktops were a mess and the kitchen plants had all been smashed down. They followed the trail of mud to find a fox curled up on top of their microwave.

Kim, who is also a mother to five cats, assumed the fox must have used the cat flap on the door to get in. But she was far from scared. Foxes hold a reputation of being quick and mischievous, but this one seemed rather calm and lethargic. Naturally, she got worried and immediately informed the RSPCA.

The RSPCA Inspector collected the fox and took him to the charity’s Putney Animal Hospital in London. After some rest and monitoring, the fox regained his spirits and seemed perfectly healthy. The fox didn’t seem too keen on being caged, so he was released back in the nearby wilderness.

I think he just went looking for a cozy, warm spot to sleep!

Click the video below to watch the family discover this gorgeous beast!

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