They Left A Camera In The Middle of The Savanna and Caught Footage That Has The Internet Smiling

Elephants are beautiful creatures very much loved by the Internet. There are videos of cute, talented and playful elephants in India, Thailand, Africa, and in zoos all over the world.

We’ve seen elephants paint on a blank canvas and make beautiful art. We’ve seen baby elephants chase birds around to play with them. They’ve surprised us with their big hearts. And now they surprise us with their huge curiosity!

When they first show up on the scene, the elephants in this video aren’t sure if the GoPro camera is safe to be around, or even if it smells okay. We catch a few glimpses of them just sniffing at it, and you can even hear it! It’s adorable. Once they make sure that the camera is in fact safe and will not hurt them if they touch it, they even pick it up!

Not even the baby elephant could help but let his curiosity get the better of him!