She Was Forced To Give Birth Outside, Emaciated And Tied To a Tree!

The mothers of this world are the most special of all, after all its the mothers of this world that nurture new life into existence and naturally have that instinct to nurture and care for her offspring, that natural instinct that in an ideal world, we would all have!

This story is about a mother, its heartbreaking that someone could tie this mother to a tree and leave her there to give birth, it’s worse than words, and yet it happened! Luckily the lovely folks at the St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue found her.

She has since been named Libby, she was found in a horrific state the poor girl and ding her best for her puppies even in this terrible situation.

Completely unable to move around Libby just had to take the only option open to her and give birth, it was so sad because she was covered in ants and mosquitoes and general dirt and filth, but still, through it all, the mother in her followed her instinct.

Her puppies were still wet when the Louisiana based rescuers arrived there, bless the poor doggie, she was doing her level best to clean and protect her babies, but sadly one of them was drowning in blood, unfortunately, that pup died….


As she arrived at the rescue center she had four more puppies, making a total of 12 babies that had survived! They have been moved to the Bellevue Vet Clinic to get around the clock care until they are all the picture of health, the pups are being hand fed while mom recovers!

Libby has been put on IV fluids and also to help with her extremely low body weight, for sure we are sending our loving thoughts to her and her family, we are so pleased for her!


Libby and her puppies were so lucky to get saved just in time, but there are many that need saving needs rescuing too!

If you see any animals being mistreated or needing help then call your local rescue group and help them get the help they need!


Libby’s case is currently being investigated and animal cruelty charges are to follow, the perpetrator who did this is being hunted…

We are so pleased you are in good hands, Libby and family!