Puppy Stuck Under A Boulder For 6 Days, Dad Siphons Food To Him With A Hose

The sweetest little dog with a common habit, sadly, learned a valuable lesson. Bon was out hiking in the woods with his human when a squirrel ran past. Even though his owner said not to give chase, Bon couldn’t resist.

The squirrel led Bon deep into a structure encased by several boulders. Squirrels have low vertebrae and can easily squeeze through tight spaces. Bon could not. He became trapped. But his human would not give up. For days, he rallied as many people as he could. His veterinarian came to assist. She suggested he use a long hose to siphon special food to Bon that was rich in nutrients and hydration.

They used a small camera to keep an eye on the scared dog. He didn’t want to eat but hearing his owner’s voice helped. He took a small amount of hydrating food in.

Bon’s human never left his side. He gathered more people to help. One was an expert on large rock formations. He tried to figure out the safest way to get Bon out without hurting him. The risk of the rocks giving way and squishing the small dog was too great.

Then, finally, they determined the risk of using hydraulics was worth it. Bon had to be freed. It was all or nothing. They carefully used the hydraulic lift and that’s when the rocks came tumbling down. Bon was still stuck but they could get to him– if only someone was small enough to climb through.

The petite veterinarian squeezed through and pulled Bon out. It was incredible. He was shaking and scared but seemed to be okay. His reunion with his owner is so heartwarming! They immediately took him for medical treatment. Bon would physically recover but we’re pretty sure he won’t be taken anywhere without a leash again.

What a lucky pup! See the whole harrowing, happy ending rescue in the video below!

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