Puppy Stolen From Yard In Broad Daylight, Entire Theft Caught On Security Camera

A family in Denver, Colorado, was in for a rude shock when their 7-month-old neutered Shih Tzu, Zoe, was stolen from their front yard in the afternoon. The traumatized family had a home surveillance cam that captured the turn of events.

In the footage, we find the thief passing by in his black pick-up truck, when he spots Zoe. Soon, he is seen brazenly walking towards Zoe and snatching her away.The family’s neighbor spotted the thief, but before he could realize what was happening, the thief got away. In the video, the neighbor is seen running to the family to inform them.

The devastated family were quick to inform the police and media outlets for help. While the police were working on plate numbers, Zoe’s mom shared the footage on Facebook and made a plea to everyone to help look for Zoe. The post was met with a strong response from the public and soon, help started pouring in, but Zoe is still missing.

Update: In an update, the family was elated to share that Zoe has been found. She was found by some children in the park, where the thief must have dumped her out of fear. But being out in the biting cold had sickened Zoe. She is now under vet care.

The family is grateful and believes that it was the viral video that helped track Zoe. However, the family was struggling with the mounting vet bills and set up a GoFundMe page for donations. They raised over $4,000 from the GoFundMe page, and Zoe is on the road to a speedy recovery! Yay!

Click the video below to watch the footage of Zoe being kidnapped in broad daylight!