Mom Cries For Help For Her Foal, Rescuers Got ‘Thank You’ They’ll Won’t Forget

It’s distressing for any mother to see their baby injured, especially when she is unable to do anything to help relieve her baby of its distress. In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India a mother donkey is desperate for her baby, which has been attacked by a wild animal and has suffered over a dozen bites, some quite severe.

Local villagers discovered the badly injured and bleeding donkey and have tried to help her by sprinkling yellow turmeric powder on the numerous wounds to help stop the profuse bleeding.

Animal Aid, a local animal rescue organization, is called and comes to the rescue of the young donkey. Animal Aid rescuers not only load and transfer the little one to their field hospital, but they also corral Momma into their truck as well so she can be with her loved one.

The rescuers spend hours painstakingly treating the little one’s wounds by cutting away the fur around the affected areas, and then they cleanse and treat the gaping wounds.

Throughout the process, Momma closely followed the progress, making sure that her little one was carefully taken care of.

Over time, and following weeks of careful care and focus on helping the wounds heal, the little donkey, now named Genevieve, is a happy and playful teen, all under the proud and tremendously relieved gaze of her Momma!