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Meet The World’s Oldest Horse – Rare 51 Years Old Horse!


Horses are one of the animal species that live for a very long time but the horse you are going to watch in the video was believed to be the oldest in the world. The horse died after reaching the age of 51 which is so rare for a horse. Shayne, a liver chestnut Irish Draught cross thoroughbred, had been enjoying a comfortable retirement at an Essex sanctuary, spending up to five hours a day in the fresh air despite suffering from mild arthritis.

The staff decided to put him down as he was unable to get on his feet anymore. Sue Burton, founder of the 40-acre Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, near Ingatestone, Essex, said, “Shayne was a happy horse, a lovely old boy and we are proud to have known him.

He was great to own and we are delighted to have had him and we shall miss him dearly.” According to Ms. Burton, one of the reasons that the horse lived for so long is that he wasn’t overburdened with work during his life.


His great character and good looks made everybody in the sanctuary fall immediately in love with him and he really showed to be a great horse all his life. Even though he was old he enjoyed his meals 4 times a day and had a high-calorie diet which kept him strong and beautiful all this time. His diet included sugar beet and chaff mixed together along with alfalfa nuts, with along cabbage for treats. Enjoy the video!

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