Junior the singing Frenchie is back with a new hilarious carpool karaoke

We love a good Carpool Karaoke. James Corden made them famous with his celebrity carpool karaoke’s on The Late Late Show and now it looks like even dogs are getting in on the action. This singing Frenchie will have you howling in your seat.

We all know a vocal dog. They have great personalities and you feel like you are actually having a conversation with them. Not to mention they provide endless laughter with their incessant noises. Frenchies are especially known for their vocal nature, and Junior the Frenchie is no exception to the rule.

Junior the singing Frenchie never holds back from partaking in a sing-along with his beloved owner. When his owner turns on the radio, Junior can’t help but sing along.

In this video, Junior and his dad are driving through the streets of Cologne, Germany, when the song ‘Diamond’ begins to play. The singing Frenchie’s dad can’t help but burst out into song and it’s not long before Junior joins in to complete the duet.

It’s hilarious as Junior sings in perfect time, sometimes acting as the echoing backing vocals and at other times joining in for perfect harmony. If you love animals, then there’s no way you won’t enjoy this funny video.

In my humble opinion, I think that Junior would make the perfect traveling companion. I mean, who doesn’t want a driving partner who sings along with you to the radio? And when it’s a singing Frenchie, it’s ten times more entertaining!

Thank goodness his owner caught this on camera for all of us to enjoy.

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Source: Singing Frenchie Is Back For Another Duet With His Owner by ViralHog