Guy rushes out onto frozen Lake Greeley to rescue stranded deer

For all the people who hurt animals, there are many who go out of their way to save them. This man put his life on the line when he rushed out onto thin ice to save a stranded deer on Lake Greeley.

The deer had walked out across the ice, unaware that below was a frozen lake. The deer was stranded in the middle of Lake Greeley in Pennsylvania, over 300 feet from shore.

The onlookers watched as the creature struggled to cross the ice for 3 hours in freezing temperatures. They had hoped that the creature would be able to make its way across on its own, as it was a dangerous endeavor for them to cross the ice.

The struggling deer attempted to get to its feet constantly but eventually became too tired to try anymore. When the deer was too exhausted to carry on, the onlookers knew they had to intervene.

The group of guys came up with a plan, but it wasn’t guaranteed to work. The ice was thin and there was a chance that it could crack, plunging the deer into the icy waters. With no other choice, they set out on their rescue mission.

One man climbed into a rowing boat and carefully shuffled himself out over the ice covering Lake Greeley.

The ice could crack at any moment, so he had to act quickly. He attempts to throw a net over the deer’s antlers, but as he does, the ice starts to crack. What ensues is a nail-biting race against time to get the deer safely to shore.

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