Firefighters Rush Into Burning House And Find Dog. But Dog Refuses To Leave – He’s Now A Hero

Heroes come in all forms. Some wear capes, some wear uniforms. And some are even covered in fur and have four legs! Like this dog, Leo! Imagine how horrified you would be if your home became engulfed in flames. You grab your kids (fur-kids too) and run out. Then you realize one of your fur-kids is missing! The horror! That’s what happened to this Australian family with their dog Leo.

The entire family made it out okay but as they looked down, they only saw one of their two dogs. The brave firefighters made their way inside to rescue Leo. When they finally found him, he was already unconscious. They lifted him up and were in total shock of what they found beneath him!

Leo had been guarding a litter of tiny kittens with his own body! He was protecting them from the fire and the smoke-filled air. His heroics saved their lives but would Leo be okay? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out!