Dog tantrum caused when a Newfoundland was left at home by humans

Nearly every single dog will have the same reaction to seeing their owner return home – sheer elation. However, one gorgeous pup is quite different, in fact, he tends to go into a bit of a dog tantrum.

Yes, it would appear that this loveable pup has a dog tantrum because his owner took too long to get home. No, we’re being deadly serious!

This gorgeous Newfoundland reacts in a completely different way from most dogs. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen some dogs who really love to sulk.

Rather than being excited that his owner has returned home, the Newfoundland has a dog tantrum because they were gone for too long!

The usual reaction you’d expect to see from your loving pup is hysteria and joy with a frantically wagging tail – not this pup. Nope, this one is a pure dog tantrum all the way.

When his owners returned home, he looked so disappointed that they had left him behind. So much so that they knew they had to get their phones to record this hilarious reaction. You can see it on his face, he’s not a happy boy!

When the owner starts to apologize, you can tell the dog is thinking “if you really meant it, you wouldn’t have left me at home for so long!”

Thankfully, the Newfoundland realizes that the apology is sincere and all is forgiven again. Phew, for a second there we thought this dog was going to hold a real grudge on his humans.

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