Baby Otters Have The Happiest Party Ever, As They See Their First Fall Leav

Most of us have happy memories of playing in the park as kids. Baby otters are exactly the same! Workers at the Animal Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Texas recently witnessed their 7 baby river-otters throwing the best fall party in the park!

These orphaned baby otters were adopted in spring and named Chubby, Screamer, Mean Little Girl, Chubby Girl, Sweet Little Girl, Slasher, and Bruce the Shark. They are fondly called the “Magnificent 7” by the workers. The little ones spend most of their time in the nursery, playing together.

In early autumn, the otters were big enough and the workers decided to move them to the rehab’s enclosed park for a more natural living space. Little did they know that the otters would go into a frenzy at the sight of their first fall leaves!

In the video, we see the otters bouncing and running all over the place, their main object of affection being the fall leaves. The sight of them rolling and frolicking in the leaves is so joyful, it will make you smile wide!

The Magnificent 7 have bonded very well and will be released in the wild when they are old enough. Seeing their outdoor fun, we have no doubts that their glorious partying ways will continue in the wild!

Click the video below to watch the baby otters on a fun-filled day out!

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