A Christmas Sweater Changes The Life Of This Pit Bull Forever!

For all us, dog lovers its hard to believe that we would ever want to give up our beloved dog to anyone, but there are probably circumstances where its best for the animal. Bobby was one case like this, surrendered to the Miami Dade Animal Services last year…

Bobby won the hearts of all the workers and volunteers at the Animal Shelter but after a couple of months of waiting he was moved to the dreaded ‘code red’ list!

He was young, a pit bull mix breed and things weren’t heading in a good direction for him until there was a happy twist of events. He had a photo of him taken with a green sweater on, he was looking very down in the mouth, the photo went viral on social media!

Urgent Dogs of Miami are responsible for saving him and it was the volunteers that proposed that he wear a sweater, he looked so cute and they thought someone was bound to notice him and they did!

The Animal Welfare group said: – “…this cute sweater, someone would notice him and save his life …He is so heartbroken & he broke our hearts too!”

pit bull

“Please don’t let this boy die here …He deserves a second chance at life in a loving home with good people. We will sponsor his adoption fees to a loving home.”

The sweet photo of Bobby touched everyone deeply and enameled everyone into taking positive action. It wasn’t long before the shelter was inundated with people wanting to save him and give him a loving home.

One of the people that reached out was Robert Miller, he also works for a local rescue. When he came to the shelter he has the amazing news that Bobby had found a home…

Paola Maricia knew about Bobby’s situation, she volunteers at the shelter regularly, she took action to help him and is now his new mom.

pit bull

She said, on Facebook:

“I took on the responsibility [sic] to adopt him because although I had been sharing and networking him, he was still at MDAS shutting down …Then he went viral, [which] brings out good people and bad people. After waiting so long, he deserves only good things from now on.”

Bobby has been to the vet already with Paloa and been treated for an ear infection and mange, she says that now he will be safe with her and her other rescued animals that live with her.

It’s so awesome that Bobby found a new caring and loving home with Paola and he can rest easy and have a happy rest of his life, safe and secure!